Fan Audience Monetization Engine

Helping Brands, Media Companies & Influencers amplify, grow and monetize audiences


So how does the FAME Platform work?

Unified Portal & App with One-Stop Social & Online Management

Unified Portal & App unifies a Brand or Influencer’s online & social presence into one central online place for users complete with community, video streaming, blogging, podcasts and more.

AI Data Analysis, Content Creation & Auto Social Marketing

AI-driven Brand or Influencer Social Analysis and Manager, Content Creation & Recommendation Manager, Amplification & Automated Omni-Channel Online & Social Marketing Engine

Turnkey E-Commerce and Advertising Monetization Engine

Integrated Audience Monetization Engine for Brands or Influencers with seamlessly integrated E-Commerce Store & Advertising Platform plus Turnkey Merchandising Supply Chain & Sourcing

AI Automated Social Listening, Data Analysis and Outbound Marketing

AI Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) tracking and analysis of Social, Online and Follower Data

Listens to social and online channels to identify signals, trends, buzzing news, memes, hashtags, etc. as well as related or relevant conversations

Tracks posts and followers including tagging to track shares and virality of content and the complete user journey

Identifies hashtags to use, best times to post, online conversations to track and insert into, etc.

Connects to Fliqs’ AI Content Generator & Recommendation System to assist in creation of content quickly and proactively

Unified Portal & App

Brands or Influencers can build their own FAME Portal & Mobile Apps (iOS/Android), which unifies a Brand or Influencer's online & social presence into one central online portal and app for one-stop fan and follower access. No coding required.

Aggregates and consolidates a Brand or Influencer's social media activity feeds, videos, news, blogs, podcasts and e-commerce with end-to-end Content Management System (CMS)

Integrated Online Video Portal (OVP) hosts, serves and streams online videos and live streams globally to Web, Mobile, Connected Devices, Smart TVs and more.

Enables multiple monetization revenue streams including VIP Memberships, subscriptions, donations, e-commerce, turnkey merchandising, advertising, sponsorships, ticketing, crowdfunding, crowdsourcing and much more

AI Content & Messaging Recommendation Engine

Works in conjunction with AI Social Listening and Data Analysis Engine

Analyzes trending news, conversations, memes and hashtags to recommend messaging

Automates editorial content creation process by recommending messaging and content for blogs and articles

Automates video content creation process by recommending compiling video clips for videos

Turnkey E-Commerce and Private Label Merchandising

Enables Brands, Media Companies & Influencers to create and customize their own private label branded merchandise including T-Shirts, Hoodies, Caps, Mugs, Cosmetics & more

DIY Custom Product Designer Wizard makes sourcing, designing and custom branding merchandise fast and easy in under 10 minutes

Ties into FliqsMedia’s Digital Product Placement, Interactive Touch Hotspots and Video to Commerce native video interactivity creating more conversion and sales

Creates instant new monetization from content-themed products & merchandise with no inventory risk or supply chain hassles as Fliqs Media handles all sourcing, inventory, logistics and fulfillment

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